Net Neutrality in Canada - Tory government selling out?

Friday, February 9, 2007

Canada appears to give in to telecoms lobby groups and give up on network neutrality.

Apparently the Canadian press has dug up information that the Tory government is not going to introduce network neutrality.

Frankly, as a Canadian, I am disgusted.

Any company opposing network neutrality is doing nothing but trying to impose taxes on data traffic they do not own, and trying to make sure that 'small voices' do not get heard equally. I am sure the RIAA would love net neutrality going down in flames as it would allow them to get ISPs to tax 'mp3' file transfers (it could be done - stateful packet inspection of data streams; all the governments would have to do is outlaw encrypted streams or mandate encryption they and the ISPs have keys to, which would make encryption useless)...

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