Former GameCube developer calls early Wii graphics sloppy

Friday, February 9, 2007

Developer Factor 5 is no stranger to Nintendo consoles. The company's Rogue Squadron II launch title for GameCube arguably pushed the purple box hardware further than most, right out of the gate. In its time (and perhaps still today) the game is a looker.

That said, the company's CEO Julian Eggebrecht was critical of first-generation Wii graphics while speaking with IGN yesterday. In short, he called developer efforts "sloppy" as many Wii launch titles output worse graphics than some GameCube games, notably Resident Evil 4. From the interview: "I really have to say, boy, am I disappointed [with early Wii graphics]... I was digging out Rebel Strike the other day and was looking at it, and we had some people who were visiting ask, 'Why isn't anybody else doing this on Wii?' and I am at a loss."...


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