Gadget Fans Slam iPod Ban Plan

Friday, February 9, 2007

When it comes to clothes, some people would rather keel over and die that go without a favorite sweatshirt or baseball hat. For the gadget-lover, it's no different. You can see those famous white iPod headphones in the ears of music fans just about anywhere you travel.

But one lawmaker has had just about enough of the gadget-loving masses. He wants pedestrians to stop plugging in and to start waking up to the potential hazards of urban life. He's pushing a proposal to make plugging in while crossing New York streets a crime.

New York Senator Carl Kruger (D), who represents the 27th district of New York, plans to introduce legislation that would ban the use of hand held devices such as BlackBerries, iPods, and portable video games while crossing streets in major New York cities, such as Buffalo, Albany, and New York City itself.

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