A DRM-Free World For Online Music

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Earlier in the week Steve Jobs released an open letter
via the Apple website addressing some “rubs” against Apple for having a
digital rights management (DRM) that restricts iTunes music downloads
to be played on only iPods.

In the letter Jobs describes how the DRM came to be through
restrictions from the larger music companies who were concerned about
users pirating music through the iTunes website. The DRM was made to
protect downloaded music from being copied freely across the internet
and in turn gain the approval of the music companies which would then
allow Apple to sell their music online.

Jobs also points out that Apple is not the only company with a DRM
that restricts downloaded music to a device. “Music purchased from
Microsoft’s Zune store will only play on Zune players; music purchased
from Sony’s Connect store will only play on Sony’s players; and music
purchased from Apple’s iTunes store will only play on iPods. This is
the current state of affairs in the industry…”. He states that the
agreement Apple was able to make is still unmatched by most digital
music services which allows the music to play on an unlimited number of
iPods and up to 5 computers....

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