Nothing to Fear... ?

Monday, February 12, 2007

What are you afraid of? What causes you real
fear, the kind that causes your heart to beat faster involuntarily,
your stomach to sag like you've eaten lead, and your mind to lose its
reason and revert to the primitive reactions of fight and flight?
Spiders? Snakes? Serial killers? Speaking in public? Or the worst, the
thing that freaks out almost everyone: scary clowns?

Those are what I what I would call primal fears, those that
exist deep down in our subconscious. Other fears, however, are
manufactured by politicians and the media (heck, some so-called "news"
channels base their whole business on this practice) in order to
manipulate us. John Twelve Hawks, in his perceptive essay "How We Live Now," discusses this exact state of affairs:...

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